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Leuze Special Sensors

Shop for Leuze special sensors. Under this category are sensor solutions that must perform special detection tasks or which were developed for specific applications.

Leuze special sensors are available in the following variations:

Contrast sensors: This sensor type can use various light sources - such as white light, laser-generated red light or RGB light - to very precisely detect and compare contrasts and report the results to the process with minimal signal jitter.

Luminescence sensors: These sensors detect both visible as well as invisible luminescent markings.

Color sensors: These sensors detect colors and compares them to a stored reference value.

Double sheet/splice inspection: These double sheet monitoring devices reliably prevent multi-layer sheets from being drawn in. The systems for splice inspection and for multiple track label inspection mainly detect splices in roll machines or labels in further processing, and do so independently of the surface color and material properties.

Edge detection sensors: With the laser edge detector, >1.5 million newspaper copies can be counted per hour or paper edges as thin as 0.1 mm.

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