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Lovato Electric Soft Starters

Shop Lovato soft starters available with either 3-phase or 2-phase motor control.

When your motor starts, it can be damaged by the sudden rush of voltage. Soft starters avoid potential motor damage by reducing the initial voltage.

We carry both the three-phase and two-phase Lovato electric soft starters. The ADXC series is a compact type of soft starter, 45mm wide and easy to use, for three-phase squirrel-cage induction motors; soft starts and soft stops rated motor load currents up to 45A.

The ADXL series soft starters allow control of the start and stop of three-phase asynchronous motors on two-phases with built-in bypass. They’re equipped with a backlit display with icons and NFC technology, for a simple configuration, possibly also from smartphones and tablets.

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