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PIN 1: ( )
PIN 3: (-)
PIN 4: (NO)/(S1)
LED display: LED (green): Power / LED (yellow): (S1)
Cable number: 350
No./diameter of wires: 6x0.34 2x0.75 mm^2
Wire isolation: PVC (bl, wh, gn, ye, gr, pk, rd, br)
C-track properties: 2 Mio.
Jacket Color: gray
Material (jacket): PUR/PVC
Outer diameter: approx. 7.8 mm
Bend radius (moving): 10 x outer diameter
Shielded: no
Cable type: 2 (PUR/PVC)
Cable weight: 94,60
Material (wire): Cu wire, bare
Shore hardness (wire isolation): 55 /-5 D
Shore hardness (jacket): 85 /-5 A
chemical resistance: good resistance to oil, gasoline and chemicals
thermal resistance: flame retardant
Nominal voltage: 300 / 300 V AC
Test voltage: 2000 V AC
Bend radius (fixed): 5 x outer diameter
Operating voltage: 24 V DC
Operating current per contact: max. 2 A
Total current: max. 8 A
Signal per port: 1 - (31-32)
Locking of ports: Screw thread M8 x 1 mm
Protection: IP65/IP67
Housing: Plastic, flame retardant
Temperature range: -20 - 80 degrees Celcius, depending on cable quality

Murrelektronik's M8 distribution systems allow for economical installation solutions, even in confined spaces. The 30mm wide components can be installed in many different ways.

Small dimensions (30 mm width)
PUR/PVC cable for flexible and fixed assembly
High-quality, halogen-free PUR cable suitable for C-tracks, UL/CSA approved
Standard or side mounting for limited space
Quick and easy replacement of connection cables

Additional Info

Brand Murrelektronik
Cable Length 5m
Component Type Distribution Module
Material Plastic
Murr Product Series Murrelektronik M8 Distribution Systems
Output Type PNP
Status Overstock (Discounted)

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