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Low Pressure Overmolding Now Available at Trimantec

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Fragile solder joints on electronics are often damaged by the high temperatures and pressure used in high pressure overmolding. The solution is low pressure overmolding. It protects electronic components while making them environmentally safe.

Low Pressure Overmolding with TrimantecWINSTON-SALEM, N.C.Aug. 24, 2016PRLog — Low pressure overmolding is a new service Trimantec offers as part of their electromechanical manufacturing division. It provides added protection to cables and printed circuit boards making them completely environmentally safe. Low pressure allows the molten plastics to cool down considerably before they come in contact with any of the electronics. In turn, fragile solder joints on PCBs are neither melted nor damaged.

As technology has advanced, there are more and more demands made of electrical equipment and components. Water-resistant and water-proof are highly sought after equipment attributes. However, custom cables and PCBs are not naturally environmentally safe. This is achieved through an additional overmolding process done after the completed assembly. Without it, electronics are left exposed and vulnerable to the environment.

Low pressure overmolding is ideal if a product will be used underwater, or where it will be exposed to the elements. This method of encapsulation protects electronics from moisture, dust, dirt, as well as vibration. Additionally, with fast cycle times projects are completed in a timely manner. Options are available for either clear amber or black thermoplastic material.  Examples of low pressure overmolding applications include: automotive sensors, switches, engine control units, lighting display boards, micro-inverters, power regulators, industrial sensors, and medical sensors.

To begin the process of overmolding, a custom mold needs to be created. It’s important that it fits the dimensions of the equipment to be used. The thermoplastic material, polyamide or polyolefin, is heated until liquid and then injected into the mold at a very low pressure, anywhere between 15 to 300 psi. The material immediately begins to cool as it touches the cold mold-set and eventually the electronics. In a few seconds the mold is filled and the process is complete. Any excess material can be reused. The end product is a fully functional, overmolded piece ready for installation.

The electromechanical group at Trimantec is equipped with a Moldman 4000 low pressure overmolding machine along with a team of skilled professionals. When asked for three words to describe the new service, Kevin Blackburn, the estimator/buyer for the electromechanical group said, “Custom, protection, and versatility.” He also adds, “It can extend the life of [electrical] components.”


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