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Airtac ACK: Twist Clamp Air Cylinder

Shop for the ACK series of twist clamp air cylinders by Airtac. These double acting pneumatic actuators are available with single or dual clamp. Bore sizes range from 25mm to 63mm. Choose from either a 90° or 180° rotary angle, and either a clockwise or counter clockwise rotary direction.

Product Features:
1.The material of seals guarantees the reliable performance of the cylinder that is used under various conditions.
2.Three-slot guide structure leads to high guide precision.
3.There are single and double side clamping fingers can be selected (90 degrees).
4.Levorotatory and dextrorotary are available; 90 degress and 180 degrees.
5.The material of piston rod is made from special allow steel, which has longer life after heat treatment.

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