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Airtac CM3: Vertical Switch

Shop for Airtac’s CM3 series of control valves. The “vertical” model is available in M5, 1/8″, and 1/4″ port sizes. This control valve is 3/2 way and comes in multiple thread types to meet your needs.
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Product Features:

1. The external force required by direction-change of CM3B, CM3L, CM3V and CM3R is provided by external mechanism, which can be used for position test or stoke switch;
2. CM3PF, CM3PM, CM3PL, CM3HS, CM3HD and CM3Y are operated manually, owning control joints with several structure forms and suitable for application under different conditions;
3.It is in cut-off structure. Internal circle is sealed with good tightness, the direction-change is sensitive and lubricant is not necessary;
4. Multi-mounting method makes it convenient to install and apply;
5.The control joint of series of CM3L, CM3V, CM3R and CM3Y are made of metal which has longer service life and more reliable and steady performance.

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