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Airtac GFC: Air Filter/Regulator Lubricator

Shop for the GFC series of filter/regulator lubricator units by Airtac. Each unit consists of 1 GFR filter/regulator, and 1 GL lubricator. The individual units are connected via brackets and distribution blocks.

We carry the GFC200, GFC300, GFC400, and the GFC600 series. Choose from multiple drain types (manual, semi auto, automatic), port sizes (1/8″-1″), pressure gauge shape (square, circle) and scale (MPa, psi, bar). FRL unit comes with or without reverse flow valve.

Product Features:

1. Quick and reliable mounting clamps makes it convenient to install and use.
2. The performance of pressure adjustment is reliable with high precision.
3. The efficiency of eliminating moisture and solid grain is high.
4. Three drain types are available: manual, semi-automatic and automatic drain.

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