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Airtac GFR300: 1/2 inch Port Size

Shop for the Airtac GFR300 series of air filter regulator combination units. These pneumatic air preparation units feature a poly carbonate bowl with a 1/2″ port size. The drain bowl capacity for these air filter regulators is 40CC. Choose from automatic, semi-automatic, or manual drain types. Optional components include: bracket accessory, pressure gauge, and reverse flow valve.

Product Features:
1.Embedded square pressure gauge is used to save installation space. (External circular pressure gauge is also optional.)
2.The pressed-in self-locking mechanism can prevent the abnormal movement of the set pressure caused by external interfere;
3.Balanced design is adopted for the pressure adjustment mechanism.
4.In addition to standard type, lower pressure type is optional (The highest adjustable pressure is 0.4MPa);
5.Unique diversion structure makes air flowing through properly rotate, which can more effectively separate the liquid from gas and reliably filter the solid grain;
6.The filtering grade includes 5 micron and 40 micron (optional);
7.Three drain types are available: manual drain, semi-auto drain and automatic drain.
8.The bracket can be used for installation.

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