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Airtac GV: GC300 1/4", DC24V

Shop for the GV300 series of soft start/dump valves by Airtac. These 3/2 way solenoid valves feature a 1/4″ port size and a DC24V solenoid coil. They are compatible with GC300 air filter/regulator/lubricator units. An additional mounting bracket is needed when used with an FRL unit.

Mounting Brackets

Soft start-up valve is used to input compressed air into pneumatic system slowly and has the effect of safety and protection. Air intake is connected with input P of Soft start-up valve. If coil is energized, the 3/2 way valve opens. At this time, air comes to output A through throttle valve, which increases the pressure of the system gradually; when the output pressure is equal to half of the input pressure, soft start-up valve completely opens and the flow reaches the highest value. When the coil is de-energized, air intake P closes, the air returns to R orifice through reflux valve and is quickly exhausted. The pressure of the system falls to zero, which protects the whole system.

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