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Airtac MA: Round Body Air Cylinder, Stainless Steel

Shop for the MA series of pneumatic cylinders by Airtac. These round body air cylinders are made with stainless steel and are available as double acting (without cushion, with cushion, or with cushion and front cover), single acting (push and pull) and double rod (with or without cushion). The bore sizes range from 16mm to 63mm, with multiple stroke options available.

1. Standard cylinder manufactured by Airtac;
2. Piston adopts heterogeneous two-way seal structure. It has compact size and has the function of oil reservation;
3. Front cover has fixed bumper which can reduce the impact of direction change of the cylinder;
4. There are several modes of back cover, which makes the installation of cylinder more convenient;
5. Front and back cover and stainless steel block adopt riveted rolling packed structure to form a reliable connection;
6. The cylinder body has stainless steel pipes with high precision to produce high strength and corrosion resistance;
7. There are cylinders and mounting accessories with several specifications for your choice;
8. All cylinders of this series have magnet.

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