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Airtac MK: 20mm Bore

Shop for the MK series of guided air cylinders by Airtac. These double acting air cylinders have a 20mm bore. Stroke sizes for this series range from 5mm to 60mm. Version with magnet is also available.

Product Features:
1.Manufactured by Airtac.
2.There are several fixation ways for the cylinder and also convenient to install and use.
3.Several cylinders can be assembled together to effectively save the installation space.
4.The guide precision of piston rod is high and no additional lubricant is needed.
5.Fixated block is attached to piston rod, which prevents it from rotating.
6.Various cylinders are available for your choice.
7.The seal material with high temperature resistance is adopted to guarantee the normal operation of cylinder at 150 degrees celsius (Option).

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