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Airtac PB: Round Body Air Cylinder, Stainless Steel, JIS

Shop for the Airtac PB series of round body air cylinders. These ultra small, stainless steel actuators are suitable for low force, high speed applications. Choose from double acting, double rod, single acting (push), and single acting (pull). Bore sizes range from 5mm to 300mm with multiple back cover options available, including double clevis, perpendicular and axial air-in.

Product Features:
1.JIS standard is implemented.
2.It belongs to mini cylinder that has compact structure, small volume and lightweight.
3.The guide precision of piston rod is high and no additional lubricant is needed.
4.PB4 and PB6 can only be front mounted. PB10, PB12 and PB16 has the flexiblity of both front and rear mount.
5.Piston rod stainless steel barrel make the cylinder adapt general corrosive working environment.
6.There are cylinders and accessories with several specifications for installation for your choice.
7.It has small cylinder diameter and quick reaction, suitable for the working environment with higher frequency.

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