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Airtac RMT: Guided Rodless Magnetic Air Cylinder

Shop for the RMT series of guided, rodless air cylinders by Airtac. These magnetic, pneumatic actuators are available with the following bore sizes: 16mm20mm, 25mm32mm and 40mm. Stroke lengths range from 50mm to 1000mm. Choose from with or without magnet, as well as cushion type.

1.This magnetic cylinder is basically a pneumatic rodless cylinder featuring a mobile piston fitted with annular magnets. The mobile carriage is also equipped with magnets to provide magnetic coupling (carriage/piston). The carriage slides freely along the main tube.
2.It is dust-proof as the isolation between the carriage and piston.
3.It is compact in space.
4.The non adjustable rubber bumpers and the adjustable pneumatic cushioning on both ends of the cylinder ensure the smooth action. If shock absorber is used, the cushioning effect is greater.
5.Double guides ensure high precision and can endure proper side load or prejudicial load.

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