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Airtac TTH/TTM: Stopper Cylinder, Single Acting (Pull)

Shop for the TTH and TTM series of pneumatic stopper cylinders by Airtac. These air cylinders are single acting (pull) with bore sizes ranging from 20mm to 80mm. Stroke lengths range from 15mm to 40mm. The shockless stopper is available with either an adjustable or non-adjustable absorber. Choose from with or without magnet, as well as with or without self-lock.
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1.JIS standard is implemented.
2.Widening the piston rod can effectively improve that impact resistance ability of the cylinder.
3.Heavy type stopper cylinder has adjustable shock absorber, which can reliably absorb the impact energy.
4.Shockless stopper cylinder is equipped with self-lock device, which can prevent the returning of rebound of rocker caused by bar objects.
5.Several series and specifications for stopper cylinders can be selected.

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