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Cable Management

Wherever a secure connection of machinery and equipment is required, the icotek cable management and entry systems are your best solution. Even in applications where extreme contamination by water, dust, vibration or extreme temperatures occur, we provide robust and reliable solutions.

With the completely split KEL cable entry system, pre-terminated cables with diameters from 2 – 75 mm can be routed quickly and securely. It also provides great benefits whether you are retrofitting or maintaining your application.KEL-DPZ

The icotek cable glands KVT and QVT utilize the same split design and are quickly assembled. These products perfectly provide cable management and routing solutions for prefabricated cables with e.g. D-Sub or PROFIBUS connectors.

The compact cable entry plates KEL-DPU, KEL-DPZ and KEL-DP are ideal for routing standard cables without connectors from 1.5 to 22 mm in diameter with minimum space requirements. High certified sealing rates up to IP68 / NEMA 4x are achieved. Certificates can be provided upon request.

For a secure and structured cable routing and strain relief of electrical lines icotek offers several strain relief plates for various mounting methods.

Icotek also provides innovative solutions for EMC / EMI cable shielding applications. The icotek SKL shield clamps are made for reliable and effective grounding of high frequency interferences and allow safe operation of machinery and equipment.

Besides the large range of innovative cable management products, high quality service is very important at icotek.

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  • Cable Glands - for Cables with Connectors

    Cable Glands - for Cables with Connectors (90)

    By using split cable glands by icotek, pre-terminated cables or complete cable harnesses with diameters from 2 to 34 mm can be quickly routed into enclosures, cabinets or machines and sealed with NEMA 12 / IP54 rated ingress protection (certified according to DIN EN 60529:2000-09 / UL50-E). In addition, the cables are strain relieved due to the integrated cord grip function.The split system enables quick and easy assembly which is great for retrofitting and maintenance. The prefabricated cable is placed into the slit grommet which is set into one of the gland halves. Depending on the size of the cable gland, one, two or four separate grommets can be installed. The two gland halves can be easily snapped together without the need of tools.The assembled lines are securely sealed and held inside the cord grip grommets. To mount the cable glands, either snap it into the round metric standard cut-out (sizes available from M16 to M63) or screw it with a hexagonal locknut. The mounting method is dependent on the model type.See for yourself how easy it is to assemble and mount our cable glands and cord grips. Watch the assembly video on YouTube!The different model ranges of the icotek cable glands KVT and QVT offer various application possibilities:For cable glands KVT, icotek offers special locknuts which are suitable for routing D-Sub, DVI, Patch, USB, VGA or PROFIBUS plugs. The split cable gland KVT-W90 enables cable and conduit feed-in at a 90° angle to the enclosure or machine wall. For added protection choose the KVT-ER series with IP65/IP66/IP67/IP68 rated protection.Because of its extremely small structure, the QVT range is especially suitable for small machines, devices and instruments.The above mentioned snap-in cable glands KVT-SNAP and QVT-CLICK are ideal for mounting without any tools and are suited perfectly when maintenance and retrofitting.The split icotek cable glands comply with important standards like flame class UL94-V0, IP rated ingress protection, UL, NEMA, German Lloyd, ECOLAB detergent resistance and the European railway standard EN 45545-2 for fire safety.
  • Cable Grommets - Cable Entry Systems

    Cable Grommets - Cable Entry Systems (398)

    Shop Icotek cable grommets for cable entry frames. Icotek offers a variety of rubber grommets suitable for a range of cable management applications.Choose slit cable entry grommets for prefabricated cables or multi-range grommets for cables without connectors. Plus, shop for special grommets for telephone cables, flat wires or supply lines.Protect and seal your electrical cables with the following cable grommets:Icotek KT : Slit cable grommet for diameters of 2 to 17 and 16 - 34 mm. Suitable for KEL cable entry frames and KVT cable glands.Icotek KT-DPF: Flexible pyramid shaped cable grommet with multi range for various cable diameters. Enhanced strain relief possible via cable ties.Icotek KTMB: Flexible multi range cable grommet for various cable diameters.Icotek DT: Multi membrane cable grommets for pass-through of several standard cables with varying diameters.Icotek FT: Cable grommets for flat cables. Used in KEL-FL cable entries.Icotek QT: Slit compact cable grommets suitable for KEL-QUICK cable entry frames and QVT cable glands.Icotek KTMB 183: Large flexible cable grommets with multi range for cable diameters of up to 75 mm. Suitable for cable entry KEL 183.Icotek KTF: Large slit cable grommet for preassembled cable diameters of up to 65 mm. Suitable for KEL-JUMBO.Icotek ST: Plugs for sealing unused slit KT and QT cable grommets.Icotek KT ServiceBox: Cable grommet kit with an assortment of cable grommets in various types and sizes. Perfect for maintenance cases.
  • Cable Strain Relief

    Cable Strain Relief (120)

    By using universal strain relief plates by icotek, the user can quickly assemble, organize and strain relieve cables according to EN 62444.Whenever cables, wires, hoses or conduits with diameters up to 20 mm have to be fixed, routed or strain relieved the icotek strain relief plates are used. With just one component you can route and strain relieve up to 12 of these lines, in static or dynamic applications.The undercut on the comb shaped profile of the strain relief plate provides a secure hold of cables with diameters from 5 to 20 mm when using regular cable ties.Compared to conventional metal or plastic cable clamps the icotek strain relief plates are a much more flexible and cost-effective solution.The product portfolio includes strain relief plates for several mounting types such as screwing on metal plates, plugging onto 35 mm DIN rails shape H or 30 mm C-rails. Due to our unique multilayer mounting possibilities the packing density can be greatly increased.Strain relief plates ZL 03|04|05 feature different comb widths. For routing several cables with varying diameters this ZL plate is the perfect solution. These strain relief plates are also suitable for cable diametersFor applications in high vibration environments or with constant dynamic stress on the cables the strain relief plates ZL-AB (with aluminum bushings) and ZL-MS (with brass bushings) are used. These bushings provide a better fit of the screwed strain relief plates.In combination with ZL|SB-EMC shielding plates you unite cable management, strain relief and EMI shielding in one single component.Approvals and standards like flame class UL94-V0, German Lloyd, ECOLAB detergent resistance or the European railway standard EN 45545-2 for fire safety enable use of the strain relief plates in many application areas.
  • CONFIX Cable Conduit System

    CONFIX Cable Conduit System (60)

    With CONFIX conduit routing components by icotek cables can be easily routed inside parallel corrugated cable conduits. They are perfect for machines, control panels or enclosures to ensure a maximum cable protection.The CONFiX product range consists of bulkhead fittings which are angled at 90°. They can be mounted on machines or enclosure walls. Cable conduits provide protection against mechanical damage as well as various weather conditions.The liftable cover of the bulkhead fitting CONFiX FWS is fixed by a hinge to the mounting box making the system very easy to mount and equip. FWS is offered in the following versions: FWS-A with metric internal thread sizes M16 to M50 for regular conduit connectors and FWS-B with a grooved conduit clip for direct pickup of cable conduits with sizes NW 13, 17, 23, 29, 37 and 50.CONFiX SH mounting clips for quick mounting of split cable coduits round up the product range.Find the right solution for your application in our comprehensive product range shown below.
  • EMC Cable Clamps

    EMC Cable Clamps (708)

    For process measurement and control equipment, an increasingly higher level of protection against failure is required. Icotek EMI shielding and grounding is very important. The area where the cable shield is connected to the cabinet ground is a critical point. It is very important that the connection has a low resistance.All icotek EMC cable clamps for shielding cable diameters from 1.5 to 48 mm have been tested utilizing various frequency ranges. In all tests there was minimal leakage resistance. In large frequency fields, the cable clamps provide low resistance. Effective range is up to 1,000 MHz below 120 Ohms and 10 kHz to 100 MHz significant below 20 Ohms. icotek EMC cable clamps are proven to absorb electromagnetic interferences.The EMC cable clamps offer a large contact area to the cable shield. In comparison to conventional shielding brackets an up to 50% higher contact area can be achieved when using the SKL line. The specified clamping range can be exceeded up to 10%.SKL shield clamps are available in several mounting types like screwing them on metal plates or mounting them on DIN rails or bus bars. Properly sized and used in conjunction with cable ties, many EMC cable shielding products provide strain relief in accordance with EN 62444.If you need to install a larger amount of cables and they have to be shielded in a relatively small space, icotek offers EMC clamp assemblies RLF and RLFZ, an efficient EMI shielding solution for up to 12 cables.As an alternative to our EMI shielding clamps we also offer classic spring loaded shield brackets in various sizes and mounting types.EMC cable collectors for cable entry frames / cable glands and a wide range of ground straps as a cost effective alternative to PE conductors round up our EMC cable shielding product range.
  • Cable Entry Plates, Membrane Based - for Cables without Connectors

    Cable Entry Plates, Membrane Based - for Cables without Connectors (345)

    With Icotek's membrane-based cable entry plates, cables without connectors can be quickly routed into control cabinets, electrical panels or machines. They're also sealed with certified protection class up to NEMA 4X / IP68. Compared to traditional solutions, such as cable glands and cord grips, the packing density is greatly increased. This, combined with a reduction of required space, makes this icotek cable entry plate system a great cable management solution.Icotek's cable entry plates consist of a robust hard frame made of plastic or metal which is completely molded with elastomer. At the plate front there are pierceable membranes for various cable diameters, on the back there are conical cable sleeves to ensure a double sealing of the cables. This unique grommet design also provides a good strain relief.These cable entry plates are assembled within seconds. Simply put a small slit into the thin membrane and push the cable through.The cable entry plates KEL-DPU, KEL-DPZ and KEL-DP are available in various sizes, for round and rectangular cut-outs, for screw or plug-in mounting. With a mounting height of only 8 to 14.5 mm the plates are very flat and have a smooth and flat surface, which prevents dirt collecting recesses. The cable entry plates are perfectly suited for applications in medical technology, food industry packaging or clean room areas.The cut-out sizes match either metric cut-outs or are based on those for 24-pin industrial connectors.For routing supply lines with diameters of up to 115 mm, icotek offers innovative pyramid shaped cable entry grommets KEL-DPF, KEL-JUMBO flex and KEL-ULTRA flex, which are perfectly flexible for feeding rigid supply cables at angles with very little effort.Approvals and standards such as flame class UL 94-V0, IP rated ingress protection, UL, NEMA, EN 45545-2, ECOLAB detergent resistance and ATEX enable icotek cable entry plates to be real alternatives to conventional cable glands.
  • Cable Entry Systems, Grommet Based - for Cables with Connectors

    Cable Entry Systems, Grommet Based - for Cables with Connectors (322)

    Icotek's KEL cable entry systems allow you to easily route cables into electrical enclosures, control panels, control cabinets, or machines. These cable entry plates are compatible with pre-terminated cables as well as standard cables without connectors. They also seal and provide strain relief for your electrical cables.The KEL cable entry system consists of a split cable gland plate (also known as a cable entry frame) and several split cable grommets. During assembly, the split grommet matching the cable diameter is placed around the cable and inserted into the frame. The grommet is now securely fixed inside the frame and can’t fall out. Once the lid is affixed to the base frame, it is compressed and tightly sealed. The high compression pressure ensures strain relief according to EN 62444 and certified sealing rates up to NEMA 4X / IP65.Depending on your specific requirements the grommet based KEL system has various models which provide you with the perfect solution. Whether you use the KEL-ER which is designed for extreme conditions and a high degree of ingress protection, the KEL-E system for very limited space or the KEL extensions for routing a very large number of lines you can be assured to get the highest quality. With our KEL-JUMBO series, you can even accommodate supply lines up to 75 mm in diameter. The KEL-BES cable entry brush plates were specifically designed to feed cables easily into server racks, enclosures and is perfect for raised floor installation.The icotek cable entry systems comply with important approvals and standards like flame class UL94-V0, IP rated protection, UL, NEMA, German Lloyd, ECOLAB detergent resistance or the European railway standard EN 45545-2 for fire safety and are therefore suitable for various industries.Download the Icotek KEL Catalog
  • Control Panel Accessories

    Control Panel Accessories (231)

    For easy assembly of icotek cable entry devices and EMC products as well as for your cable management needs please try icotek enclosure accessories.Prefabricated enclosure base plates and module plates with standard cut-outs for our KEL cable entry systems enable a quick and easy install. We designed these base plates for Rittal TS8 enclosures, but we do offer other sizes on request. Various flanged plates that fit e.g. on AE compact enclosures, KL junction boxes or BG bus enclosures by Rittal let you easily mount our cable entry devices at your enclosure wall.We also offer other enclosure accessories like supports for mounting rails, bus bars as well as reusable hook-and-loop cable ties and suitable holders.You can find the right solution for your application with icotek enclosure accessories.
  • Icotek Tools

    Icotek Tools (33)

    Shop for icotek tools including punch driver sets, round punches, rectangular and square punches.Icotek's hand hydraulic punch driver set is suitable for cut-outs on V2A stainless steel, sheet steel, aluminum or plastics. Also, works well for round and rectangular punches. Available with knockout die sets.Rectangular & square knockout punches are great for for heavy multi-pin industrial connectors and many icotek cable entry components.Round knockout punches are suitable for cut-outs M16 - M85 and PG 16. Great for cable glands and round cable entry plates.
  • Icotek ATG Adapter Grommet bk: Cable Grommets, Large – 41353-1


    Cable grommet, Large Black, Adapter insert

  • Icotek ATG Adapter Grommet bk: Cable Grommets, Large 10 Pack – 41353


    Cable grommet, Large Black, Adapter insert, 10 pack

  • Icotek ATG Adapter Grommet gy: Cable Grommets, Large – 41253-1


    Cable grommet, Large Grey, Adapter insert

  • Icotek ATG Adapter Grommet gy: Cable Grommets, Large 10 Pack – 41253


    Cable grommet, Large Grey, Adapter insert, 10 pack

  • Icotek BPK 10-RF A: Plastic Blank Plate, Pluggable – 42015.002-1


    Plastic blank plate, for KEL 10 series

  • Icotek BPK 10-RF A: Plastic Blank Plate, Pluggable 10 Pack – 42015.002


    Plastic blank plate, 10 pack, for KEL 10 series

  • Icotek BPK 10: Plastic Blank Plate, Screwable – 42015-1


    Plastic blank plate for KEL 10 series

  • Icotek BPK 10: Plastic Blank Plate, Screwable 10 Pack – 42015


    Plastic blank plate for KEL 10 series, 10 pack

  • Icotek BPK 16-RF A: Plastic Blank Plate, Pluggable – 42016.002-1


    Plastic blank plate, for KEL 16 series

  • Icotek BPK 16-RF A: Plastic Blank Plate, Pluggable 10 Pack – 42016.002


    Plastic blank plate, 10 pack, for KEL 16 series

  • Icotek BPK 16: Plastic Blank Plate, Screwable – 42016-1


    Plastic blank plate for KEL 16 series

  • Icotek BPK 16: Plastic Blank Plate, Screwable 10 Pack – 42016


    Plastic blank plate for KEL 16 series, 10 pack

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