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Coils for Solenoid Air Valves

Shop for the CDA and CLA series of coils by Airtac. The CDA080 and CLA080 series are adaptable to the  3V100, 4V100, and 4M100 series of valves by Airtac. The CDA092 and CLA092 series are adaptable to the following series of valves by Airtac: 3V1, 3V200, 3V300, 4V200, 4V300, 4V400, 4M200, 4M300, ESV200, ESV300, ESV 400, and ESV600.

Product Features:
1.Available in terminal and grommet coil type.
2.Multiple voltages to choose from.
3.The 080 series has an 8mm bore and the 092 series has a 9mm bore.

Download the Airtac Coils Catalog

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