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Icotek KDR: Enclosure Base Plates

Enclosure base plates by icotek.KDR

KDR-ESR-TS8: The KDR-ESR is a one-piece plate to be assembled on enclosure bases. Slide frames for the KEL cable entry frames are already preassembled.

After fitting all cables into the KEL frames, they are easily and quickly inserted into the slide frames and fixed. During maintenance, the KEL frames are removed without tools from the slide frames. Due to the combination KDR-ESR and KEL cable entry frames, a rating of IP54 is achieved (with correct selection of cable grommets). Slide frames which are no longer required, are closed with BPK-SNAP blind plates.

The base plate KDR-ESR is designed for Rittal enclosures TS8. Other sizes can be supplied on request

KDR2-TS8: Split, 2-part base plates KDR 2 with pre-cut holes for KEL, KEL-U and KEL-JUMBO cable entry systems.

Integrated screw holes provide quick and easy installation of KEL frames.

The base plate KDR 2 is designed for Rittal TS8 enclosures. Other sizes can be supplied on request

KDR-BMP: The enclosure base plates KDR-BMP for Rittal enclosures TS8 can be used instead of the 3-piece standard base plates.

The base plates are as well installed with standard Rittal clips. On KDR-BMP base plates, our MP Module Plates MP0 – MP8 can be easily mounted and used for installation of cable entry components..

MP: The module plates have cut-outs for fixing the KEL range cable entry systems KEL 24, KEL-U 24, KEL-JUMBO, KEL-DPF, KEL-JUMBO flex and KEL-ULTRA flex.

The module plates can be fixed on the following positions:

Separation plates
Closed bottom of the switch box
Electronic enclosures by Rittal / Lohmeier
The module blind plate without cut-outs is designed for closing unused cut-outs. This module plate can even be used for self-made cut-outs.

Module plates are supplied with a gasket. KEL / BPM are preassembled in all module plate sets.

KDR-BES: The new 2-piece enclosure base plates KDR-BES are supplied with preassembled brush grommets for a simple cable pass-through.

The base plates are installed with standard Rittal clips. Depending on the maximum cable diameter to be routed, the 2 halves of the brush base plate are aligned further or closer to each other.

The base plates KDR-BES are perfect for protection of the enclosure interiors against coarse dirt.

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