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Lovato Motor Controls

Shop Lovato motor controls including contactors, soft starters and variable frequency drives, also known as variable speed drives or VFDs. Motor controls allow you to regulate how an industrial motor operates depending on the needs of your application.

Lovato’s 3 pole and 4 pole contactors are electrically-controlled switches used for switching an electrical power circuit. Electrical contactors are used to control electric motors, lighting, heating, capacitor banks, thermal evaporators, and other electrical loads.

Lovato’s variable frequency drives, or VFDs, are ideal for general applications and, in particular, to control and manage pumps and fans, thanks to several specific built-in functions (S Curve, PID, torque squared control). VFDs let you control the AC motor speed and torque by varying motor input frequency and voltage.

Lovato soft starters protect your motor from a sudden rush of voltage when it’s powered on by gradually increasing the voltage on startup. Soft starters are also referred to as reduced voltage soft starters or RVSS.

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