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Leuze IPRK 25B/4

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Leuze IPRK 25B/4.3-S12: Polarized Retro-Reflective Photoelectric Sensor – 50104246


Polarized retro-reflective photoelectric sensor, operating range: 0.05 – 6 m, supply voltage: 10 – 30 V DC, 2 outputs, M12 connector, red LED light source, includes warning output, IP 67 and IP 66 protection


Series: 25B
Operating principle: Reflection principle
Application: Detection of stretch-wrapped objects
Operating range: 0.05 – 6 m
Operating range limit: 0.05 – 8 m
Light source: LED, Red
Switching frequency: 500 Hz
Response time: 1 ms
Protective circuit: Polarity reversal protection, Short circuit protected
Supply voltage: 10 – 30 V, DC
Number of digital switching outputs: 2
Output 1 switching element: Transistor, PNP
Output 1 switching principle: Light switching
Output 2 switching element: Transistor, PNP
Output 2 switching principle: UB switching
Output 2 function: Warning output
Type of connection: Connector
Thread size: M12
Type of fastening: Via optional mounting device, Through-hole mounting
Degree of protection: IP 67, IP 66
Certifications: c UL US
Special design: Warning output

The (I)PRK 25B.3 retro-reflective photoelectric sensor is optimized for use in the areas of material flow, intralogistics and packaging technology. It is particularly well suited for the reliable detection of stretch-wrapped pallets, foil-wrapped objects or laminated surfaces.

Optimized for use in the areas of material flow/intralogistics and packaging technology
Reliable function even with stretch-wrapped pallets

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