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Pneumatic Valve Manifold 7V100M15F -

The Airtac 7V100 valve series is a functional replacement for the SMC SY5_20 series.

Manifold kit contains: manifold, seal, and screw.

Airtac manifold product features:
1. Integrates the direction control valves of the same series to form valve group to save space and cost.
2. Easy to examine when there are faults due to the unified air intake and exhaust and unified wiring.
3. Flexible combination and strong expansion capability.

Additional Info

Airtac 7v Solenoid Air Valve 5/2 Way and 5/3 Way Manifold Series
Airtac Product Series Airtac 7V Solenoid Air Valve 5/2 Way and 5/3 Way
Brand Airtac
Component Type Manifold
Number Of Stations 15
Thread Type PT

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