Carlo Gavazzi DIB01CM24100A: Current Monitoring Relay (AC)Click to download the Data Sheet for DPA52 in PDF Format


Measuring Voltage Range. Very wide input voltage range: from 125 to 624V ( 208V � 40% to 480 30% D_
Bicolor Alarm LED indication. A green/red LED provides visual indication of the alarms status by means of colours of blinkD_
Outputs LED indication. A yellow LED provides visual indication of the output statuD_
Relay contact output. A relay contact provides electrical (remote) indication of the alarms/output statuD_
High Compactness. The DPA52 is a 3-Phase monitoring relay with 17,5mm widtD_DescriptionDPA52 is a monitoring relay suitable 3-phase without neutral mains. It protects loads from wrong phase sequence and phase loss. It detects phase loss also with regenerated voltage presencD_DPA52 doesn�t require any setting nor adjustment, as soon as wired it is ready for operation. Power supply is provided by the measured mains, and it is switch mode, making it wide range and immune to mains disturbances, transients and harmonics problems. Additional protection, against dust and humidity, is provided by the PCB conformal coating. The output signal is a 5A� hangeover electromechanical x000x000D_
2 front LEDs provide visual indication of output state and alarm discrimination. Alarm LED is bicolour, colour and flashes indicate the operation sx000x000D_
Thanks to the low profile DIN construction it is possible to install it either in industrial cabinets as well as NORM distribution px000x000D_
ApplicationsDPA52 is suitable for all applications where it is necessary to monitor phase presence and correct phase�sequence of threephase load mains: lifts, escalators, HVAC, material handling, conveyors, pumps and compressors.

Additional Info

Carlo Gavazzi Series Carlo Gavazzi DPA52 3-Phase Monitoring Relay
Component Type Phase Monitoring Relay
Input Voltage 208V-480V

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