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  • Manufactured by Carlo Gavazzi

  • DC undervoltage monitoring relay

  • Measuring if power supply is below the set level

  • Measures on own power supply

  • Measuring ranges: 8 - 28 V DC and 38 - 58 V DC

  • Adjustable hysteresis: 4 to 50%

  • Output: 5 A SPDT NE relay

  • For mounting on DIN-rail in accordance with DIN/EN 50 022

  • 17.5 mm housing (DIN 43880)

  • LED indication for relay and power supply ON

Carlo Gavazzi DUA52 Series, DC Under Voltage Monitoring RelayClick to download the Data Sheet for "DUA52 Series" in PDF Format

Additional Info

Brand Carlo Gavazzi
Carlo Gavazzi Series Carlo Gavazzi DUA52 DC Under Voltage Monitoring Relay
Coil Voltage1 DC 48V, DC 8-28V
Component Type Voltage Monitoring Relay

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