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Multifunction Analog Timer
Carlo Gavazzi FMB01DW24
7 knob-selectable functions and 7 time ranges.
Can be panel mounted OR plugged into an 11-pin socket.

0.05 seconds to 300 hours!
Carlo Gavazzi offers a comprehensive range of timers for mounting in the back of or for mounting on the front of panels. We offer a number of different housing types with either a SPDT or DPDT relay output. Covering most timing functions (On Delay, Interval, Off Delay, One Shot, Zero Speed, Star-Delta, and Recycler), our timers are suited for practically every application. Timers are frequently used in motor control centres, packaging machinery, HVAC equipment, control panels, and process control.

Our range of counters includes both 6 and 8 digit types with counting inputs up to 10 KHz. Input signals can be contact/NPN, PNP, or AC voltage. Furthermore, our 1/16 DIN counter has a programmable relay output.In addition to our digital counters, we also offer 8 digit digital hour meters.

Multifunction timer with 7 functions and selectable time range from 0.05 seconds to 300 hours.

Part number FMB01DW24
Manufactured by Carlo Gavazzi
Time range 0.05 s to 300 h
Knob selection of time range
Knob adjustable time setting
Knob selection of operating mode (7 functions):
? Op - delay on operate
? Rb - symmetrical recycler OFF first
? R - symmetrical recycler ON first
? Id - double interval
? Dr - delay on release
? In - interval
? Io - interval on trigger open
Manual start
Gate and reset inputs
Repeatability: �0.2% on full scaD_
Output: 8 A DPDT relD_
48 x 48 mm housing for front panel mountiD_
11 pin sockD_
LED indication for relay status and power supply D_

Additional Info

Application Function Multifunction
Brand Carlo Gavazzi
Carlo Gavazzi Series Carlo Gavazzi FMB Multifunction Timer
Component Type Industrial Timer
Contact Form DPDT
Timing Range 0.05 seconds-300 hours

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