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    • Manufactured by Carlo Gavazzi

    • Cost-effective line of compact and robust sensors!

    • 18mm housing
      IP69K for high pressure/high temperature applications

    • ECOLAB certification for food and beverage applications

    • New snap mounting bracket

    • Allows for flush mounting wit a single jam nut!

    • 40% smaller housing than previous models

    • New features the Carlo Gavazzi PA18 offers:

        • Diffuse sensing up to 1m

        • Retro-reflective sensing up to 6.5m

        • Polarized retro-reflective sensing up to 5m

        • Through-beam sensing up to 20m

    • All models have a potentiometer for easy adjustment of sensing range

    • Two easily viewable LED indicators

    • Signal quality and power and target detection

    • Can withstand high temperature (80 DegreeC/176 DegreeF) and high pressure (1450 psi/100bar) cleaning

    • Laser printing replaces labels

    • Key information stays intact even after cleaning

    • Normally open and normally closed outputs in every sensor

    • Supply voltage 10-30 VDC

    • Connection options include 2m cable or M12 quick-disconnect plug

    • Ideal for harsh environments!

Carlo Gavazzi PA18: 18MM Photoelectric Sensors, IP69 RatedClick to download the Data Sheet for "PA18 Series Photoelectric Sensors" in PDF Format

Additional Info

Brand Carlo Gavazzi
Component Type Photoelectric Sensor

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