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    • Manufactured by Carlo Gavazzi

    • Industry standard 10x20x30 mm housing

    • Excellent sensing distance in a small housing, with ranges up to 15 meters

    • PNP/NPN and normally open/normally closed outputs

    • Robust IP67 rating

    • Dual LEDs for power and signal indication

    • Simplified set-up via potentiometer

    • The PD Basic Series come in a variety of different sensing principles and maximum sensing ranges:

        • Diffuse, 1 meter

        • Diffuse Background Suppression, 200 mm

        • Diffuse Infrared, 200 mm

        • Retroreflective, 6 meters

        • Polarized Retroreflective, 6 meters

        • Through Beam, 15 meters

January 2013 New Features:

    • Improved accuracy

    • Simplified set-up via potentiometer

    • Background suppression version now available for diffuse sensing applications!

Click to download the Data Sheet for "PD30CND" in PDF Format

Additional Info

Brand Carlo Gavazzi
Component Type Photoelectric Sensor

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