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The PD30ET... stainless steel sensors are built with high-quality materials and designed for harsh environments.They are designed for use in environments where high-pressure cleaning, cleaning agents and disinfectants are used on a daily basis.

The strong stainless steel (AISI316L) together with high-quality plastic materials like PEEK, PPSU, and PES sealings of FKM ensure a safe and excellent mechanical resistance. The compact sensor design is ideally suited to confined spaces.

Main features
� Miniature sensor range
� Sensing range: 6 m
� Sensitivity adjustment by potentiometer
� Modulated, infrared light 850 nm
� Supply voltage: 10 to 30 VDC
� Output: 100 mA, NPN or PNP preset
� Make and break switching function
� LED indication for output, stability and power ON
� Protection: reverse polarity, short circuit and transients
� Cable and plug versions
� Excellent EMC performance
� The invisible infrared light beam makes it easy to hide the sensor to avoid vandalism
� Ecolab

Main functions
� Detects presence or absence of objects that cut off the light from the emitter
� Detects all opaque objects very reliably

Click to view the Carlo Gavazzi PD30 TR60 Photoelectric Sensor tutorial

Additional Info

Brand Carlo Gavazzi
Component Type Photoelectric Sensor

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