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This new range of "U" connection solid state contactors presents a unique opportunity to maximize efficiency in panel space and is an evolution of solid state switches for which Carlo Gavazzi is very known.
The nominal current ratings are at 40 degrees C. The smallest width is 17.5mm and is rated at 20 AAC.
  • Product Width ranging from 17.5mm up to;
  • 1
  • "U' conneli>
  • Choose from zero cross or instant on switli>
  • Rated Operational voltage: Up to 6li>
  • Rated Operational current: Up to 85AAC
  • Up to 18000A for and 1200Vp blockinge

  • Control voltages: 3-32 VDC, 20-275 VAC (24C)

  • IP20 pon

  • Design according to EN/IEC60947-4-2, EN/IEC60947-4-3, EN/IEC62314, UL508, CSA 22-4-10

  • Integrated voltage transient protection wistor

  • RoHiant

  • Short circuit current ra00kA

  • Voval

  • Carlo Gavazzi RA2A Series: 25 or 40 Amp, Zero Switching, Dual Output SSR
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    Additional Info

    Application Function Zero Cross Switching
    Brand Carlo Gavazzi
    Carlo gavazzi rgc/rgh series Single Phase Solid State Contactors with Heatsink
    Carlo Gavazzi Series Carlo Gavazzi RGC/RGH Series Solid State Relays Single Phase with Heatsink
    Component Type Solid State Contactor
    Current Rating 20A
    Input Voltage AC 20-275V / DC 24-190V
    Voltage Rating AC 600V

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