• Manufactured by Carlo Gavazzi

  • DIN rail or back panel mountable

  • This series is replacing the Carlo Gavazzi RJ1A series

  • Solid state relay and contactor solution

  • Smallest footprint for the rated output current on the market!

  • Product width ranging from:17.5mm up to 70mm

  • Rated Operational voltage: Up to 600VAC

  • Rated Operational current: Up to 85AAC @ 40 DegreeC

  • Up to 6600As for It and 1200Vp blocking voltage

  • Control voltages: 3-32 VDC, 20-275 VAC (24-190 VDC)

  • IP20 protection

  • Design according to:��EN/IEC60947-4-2, EN/IEC60947-4-3, EN/IEC62314, UL508, CSA 22-2 No. 14-10<00D_
  • High impact and shock resistance rating per Railway standards IEC/50155 and EN/IEC 61373:19999<00D_
  • Great benefit for automation appilcations!<00D_
  • Integrated voltage transient protection with varistor<00D_
  • RoHS compliant<00D_
  • Short circuit current rating: 100kA<00D_
  • 'E' Connection Only<00D_
  • VDE approval<00D_
  • Germanischer Lloyd approval1<00D_
  • UL508 Listed for resistive and motor HP ratings<00D_
  • Easier UL approval on retrofit applications<00D_
  • This series replaced the RJ1A/1B series in December 2013<00D_
  • In general the RGC is narrower than the RJ series<00D_
  • Sometimes the RGC is taller and deeper as well<00D_

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