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  • Manufactured by Carlo Gavazzi

  • Zero switching AC Solid State Relay

  • LED indication

  • Clip-on IP20 protection cover

  • Self-lifting terminals

  • Housing free of moulding mass

  • Operational ratings up to 40 AACrms and 400 VAC

  • Blocking voltage: Up to 850 Vp

  • Opto-isolation: > 4000 VACrms

  • RS1A series is a great, low cost solution for resistive loads!

Additional Info

Application Function Zero Cross Switching
Brand Carlo Gavazzi
Carlo gavazzi rm1/rs1 series Single Phase Solid State Relays for Switching AC Loads
Carlo Gavazzi Series Carlo Gavazzi RM1/RS1 Series Solid State Relays Single Phase for AC Switching
Component Type Solid State Relay
Current Rating 25A
Input Voltage AC 110V
Voltage Rating AC 230V

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