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  • Manufactured by Carlo Gavazzi

  • 3-phase Solid State Relay

  • Zero switching

  • Rated operational current: 3 x 25, 55 or 75 A

  • Rated operational voltage: Up to 600 VAC

  • Control voltage 5 VDC, 4-32 VDC or 24-275 VAC

  • Integral snubber network

  • Built-in varistor

  • Over-temperature protection option with alarm output

  • IP 10 back-of-hand protection

  • LED indication of control input and over-temperature alarm status

Carlo Gavazzi RZ3A Series: 3 Phase SSR, Zero Switching

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Additional Info

Application Function Zero Cross Switching
Brand Carlo Gavazzi
Carlo gavazzi rz3a Solid State Relays 3 Phase Zero Switching
Carlo Gavazzi Series Carlo Gavazzi RZ3A Solid State Relays 3 Phase
Component Type Solid State Relay
Current Rating 75A
Input Voltage AC 24-275V / DC 24-50V
Voltage Rating AC 400V

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