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Operating voltage: 125 V AC/DC
Connection: 1
Type of connection: Connector
Thread size: M12
Type: Female
No. of pins: 5 -pin
Encoding: A-coded
Design: Axial
Connection: 2
Type of connection: Open end
Cable properties
Number of Conductors: 5
Shielded: Yes
Cable length: 15,000 mm
Suitability for drag chains: Yes
Width across flats: 13 mm
Bending radius, flexible laying, min.: Min. 10 x cable diameter
Bending radius, stationary laying, min.: Min. 5 x cable diameter
Degree of protection: IP 65, IP 66K, IP 67

Additional Info

Brand Leuze
Cable Length 15000mm
Component Type Connection Cable
Connection M12 Plug

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