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This Leuze type 4 light curtain set includes: 1 receiver and 1 transmitter.

Receiver: MLC530R40-2850 | 68003428
Transmitter: MLC500T40-2850 | 68000428

Resolution: 40 mm
Protective Field Height: 2,850 mm
Operating range: 0 - 20 m

In order to install this light curtain set you will also need to purchase a safety relay, 2 connector cables and two mounting bracket sets: safety relay, connection cables, and mounting brackets.

Whenever you need additional control functions, the MLC 530 Extended version is the perfect choice. With its 5 different operating modes, the integrated muting function and 3 different scan modes, the sensor leaves almost nothing to be desired. Device linking enables the construction of 2-channel, contact-based safety circuits as well as serial connections of several devices with safety-related switching outputs (OSSD).

Leuze Extended Model Advantages:
Integrated function for timing controlled muting for temporary proper bridging of the protective function, e.g. when transporting materials through the protective field
Fixed or floating beam blanking, reduced resolution: necessary whenever objects must be in the protective field for operational reasons
Different scan modes: to adjust availability, select SingleScan, DoubleScan or MaxiScan
Teaching without PC: configuration and teaching, e.g. of floating beam blanking, is quick and easy

Additional Info

Brand Leuze
Component Type Light Curtain Set
Field Height 2850mm
Leuze mlc 500 Type 4 Safety Light Curtains
Leuze Product Series Leuze MLC 530 Trans/Rec Set Extended Model with Blanking/Muting
Operating Range 0-20 m
Resolution 40mm - Hand Protection
Safety Level Type 4

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