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LT7 Series Features:
- Maximum operational voltage: 250VAC/DC
- Flash light and sound module consumption:
8 LT7 FL B in AC: 135mA
8 LT7 FL B in DC: 75mA
8 LT7 FL E 20mA
8 LT7 FL M 15mA
- Material: polycarbonate or anodised aluminium
- Number of stackable modules: 7
- Connections: screw clamp terminals and maximum
conductor section 1.5mm2/16 AWG
- Tightening torque: 0.5Nm/4.5lbin
- Operating temperature: -20 - 50 degrees Celcius (12VAC max. up to 40 degrees Celcius)
- IEC degree of protection: IP65

Signal towers are fundamental elements in manufacturing processes for the visual and audible signalling of the system status. The signal towers can be assembled by stacking up to 7 modules, in the following sequence, starting from the top: red, yellow, orange, blue, green and white.

Additional Info

Brand Lovato Electric
Colors Green
Component Type Light Tower
Diameter 70mm
Functions Blinking
Lovato Product Series Lovato LT7 Light Tower

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