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LT7S Series Features:
- The sound module must always be placed last, on the top
of the tower (it cannot be fitted with an8 LT7 3 multicoloured module).
- Sound module consumption:
8 LT7 S0 B: 25mA
8 LT7 S1 B: 40mA
8 LT7 S2 B: 200mA
8 LT7 S2 E: 40mA
8 LT7 S2 M: 30mA
- Material: polycarbonate
- Max. number of sound modules: 1 per tower
- Connections: screw clamp terminals and maximum conductor section 1.5mm2/16 AWG
- Tightening torque: 0.5Nm/4.5lbin
- Operating temperature: -20 - 50 degrees Celcius (12VAC max. up to 40 degrees Celcius)
- IEC degree of protection: IP65 (IP54 if8 LT7 S0 B sound module used)

Signal towers are fundamental elements in manufacturing processes for the visual and audible signalling of the system status. The signal towers can be assembled by stacking up to 7 modules, in the following sequence, starting from the top: red, yellow, orange, blue, green and white.

Additional Info

Brand Lovato Electric
Component Type Sound Module
Diameter 70mm
Functions Continuous, Pulse Tone
Lovato Product Series Lovato LT7 Sound Module

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