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  • Motor Controls

    Motor Controls (685)

    Shop for motor controls including inverters by Hitachi and contactors by Lovato Electric and Carlo Gavazzi.Our selection of Hitachi inverters, also known as variable frequency drives or AC drives, are available with multiple input voltage ranges and horsepower capabilities.We also carry 3 and 4 pole IEC contactors (AC and DC), as well as a full line of overload relays.
  • Stack Lighting

    Stack Lighting (111)

    Shop Lovato stack lighting including light towers and light beacons.Signal towers and beacons are fundamental elements in the manufacturing processes for visual and audible signaling of the system status. Signal towers can be assembled by stacking up to 7 modules, in the following sequence, starting from the top: red, yellow, orange, blue, green and white.In addition to towers and beacons, Lovato also carries sound modules and light/sound combination modules. Plus, choose from a variety of accessories to further customize your signal lighting module.Download the Lovato Stack Lighting Data Sheet
  • Enclosures

    Enclosures (1199)

    Shop our selection of enclosures and enclosure accessories.Electrical enclosures, or control panel enclosures, keep your electrical components safe from dust, dirt, oil, and water. The NEMA rating will define the exact degree of protection. Some enclosures, like the Saginaw Enviroline series, are designed for indoor and outdoor use.Choose from Tecnomatic, Saginaw, or Fibox enclosures.Whether you're looking for an outdoor electrical enclosure that can handle harsh environmental conditions or a simple NEMA 1 enclosure, find yours in our extensive catalog. If you prefer a metallic aesthetic, we offer both metal and stainless steel enclosures. Polycarbonate enclosures, or plastic enclosures, can be a cost-effective alternative without sacrificing quality.
  • I/O Systems

    I/O Systems (947)

    I/O systems, or input/output systems, save you valuable installation time and cost. Replace complex parallel wiring with our selection of compact field bus systems.We offer a variety of solutions from Murrelektronik and Leuze Electronic.Leuze offers service distributors for voltage supply and signal collection with M8 and M12 ports.Murrelektronik provides various I/O systems, from practical distributor solutions up to high performance fieldbus systems.I/O field bus system advantages:Measure and control all aspects of your plant in a central location Send all relevant data to a single location Works with both digital and analog signals Available in blocks or modular systems Reduces the number of cables required Saves installation time and installation cost Replaces complex parallel wiringThese I/O systems may also be referred to as: field bus systems, discrete I/O, smart I/O, distributed I/O, block I/O.
  • Lovato PLCs - Programmable Controllers

    Lovato PLCs - Programmable Controllers (21)

    Kinco, by Lovato Electric, is a micro PLC, compact in size yet with excellent performance, suitable for the control and supervision of low and medium complexity automatisms.Kinco is available for 24VDC, 24VAC, or 100-240VAC power supply and with 10 to 44 inputs and outputs.Features:Quick control board installation - Fewer number of components, Less wiring, Fewer number of connectionsRepetitiveness - Less errors during panel building, Considerable time savingFlexibility - Quick correction of abnormal conditions at final testing, Fast changes on control boards
  • Power Components

    Power Components (603)

    Shop our extensive selection of power components for all your industrial power needs. We offer control cabinet power outlets, power conditioning components, power generation components, and power monitoring components.Browse various power components from brands such as Murrelektronik, Finder, and Carlo Gavazzi.Control cabinet power outlets from Murrelectronik are safe, easy to install and meet international standards. Using components temporarily in the control cabinet require the right power outlets. Murrelektronik offers a wide range of power outlets for different countries.Power conditioning components help improve the quality of the power delivered to electrical load equipment. Power conditioners protect your equipment against common electrical problems such as surges, spikes, lightning, and high voltage.Power generation components include electrical transformers and three-phase switching power supplies. Power generators help control or convert voltage as necessary.Power monitoring components help increase your machine uptime while also monitoring how much energy your equipment uses. Power monitors give you valuable information that can help you determine where you can save energy.
  • Relays and Bases

    Relays and Bases (1924)

    Shop for relays and bases by Finder and Carlo Gavazzi.Carlo Gavazzi offers a wide selection of solid state relays and accessories. Browse through a comprehensive line of power options and switching solutions including: Zero Switching, Instant-on Switching, Peak Switching, Analog Switching, DC Switching and Full Cycle Switching.Finder offers both solid state relays and electromechanical relays. Shop for these either as pre-assembled relays interface modules or individual relays and bases. Additionally, Finder offers relays with forcibly guided contacts.
  • Timers

    Timers (125)

    Shop our selection of timers for industrial automation. We offer timers by Finder and Carlo Gavazzi.Finder offers various timer solutions for your application including: modular timers, multifunction modular timers, digital timers, plug-in timers,  and miniature plug-in timers.Carlo Gavazzi offers a comprehensive range of timers that can be mounted within the enclosure or through the front panel. Available in several different housing styles, each has either a SPDT, DPDT or 4PDT relay output and features one or more common timing functions: On Delay, Off Delay, True Delay on Release, One Shot, Zero Speed, Start-Delta and Recycler.
  • Linear Bearings and Rails

    Linear Bearings and Rails (156)

    Shop for Staf linear guides, also known as linear bearings. These linear bearings are non-caged with a wide array of rail lengths. Choose from size 12 (miniature), size 15, size 20 and size 25. BGX Series, Non-Cage TypeBGX 4-Groove Even Load Design The 4 rows of steel balls forms 45 degree contact with the grooves at 4 positions will balance the loads form all direction. This design that permits even load capacity in all directions no matter how the rails are mounted is widely adopted in all types of machines. Compared with the 2-groove Gothic design, the 4-groove construction is of better rigidity, accuracy and life. In particular, the auto-adjust capability allows quick accurate linear motions by eliminating the deviation of the mounting planes and the assembly errors.BGX Seal Design Incursion of foreign objects is normally the major reason of life shortening for rails because the accuracy of linear guides relies very much on circulation of the steel ball between the slide and the rail. Even the incursion of smallest objects can cause skipping and bumping of the slide and lead to permanent damage. Therefore, seal design is the key to linear slide quality. The seal design in BGX linear guides is divided into top and bottom seal systems aiming at the incursion passage of the foreign objects.BGX Oil Retaining in Circulation System BGX circulation system reserves a lot of space for retaining oil and is able to keeps a lot more oil. When linear slide moves, the oil inside spreads all over the prolongs the lifeMB series / MiniatureWith the diversification of transmission parts, high performance parts have become a development trend. OME Technology has started to enter the research, development, and design of “micro linear guides” in 2008. By using cage design and ductile packing system, products are miniaturized, with the application advantages of high precision, low noise, and long lifetime.Key features are listed below: 1. Conforms to the international specifications and are easy to replace 2. Built-in dust proof design can increase lifetime
  • Safety Products

    Safety Products (2922)

    Leuze knows that safeguarding machines means protecting people.safety-productsAs one of the technology leaders in the area of optoelectronic safety sensors for industrial automation, Leuze offers effective personnel protection devices in accordance with international safety standards. Thanks to their global presence, Leuze is able to offer their product line quickly and efficiently worldwide.We carry optoelectronic safety sensors; safe locking devices, switches and proximity sensors; and safe control components.Apart from extensive application know-how and sound knowledge of technical standards and guidelines regarding automation and safety at work, Leuze offers quality products with outstanding functional features, such as:Integrated alignment aids that help reduce setup times considerably.The uncomplicated setting of muting operating modes directly at the device without additional tools such as a PC or software.Inegrated AS-i interfaces for efficient integration of the devices in your safety bus.
  • Flashlights

    Flashlights (1)

    We carry high-quality, high-illumination Cree flashlights. Perfect for working in the shop or your next camping trip. Just clip on your belt and you've got reliable, 300 lumens at your fingertips anywhere you go.
  • Cable Management

    Cable Management (2303)

    Wherever a secure connection of machinery and equipment is required, the icotek cable management and entry systems are your best solution. Even in applications where extreme contamination by water, dust, vibration or extreme temperatures occur, we provide robust and reliable solutions.With the completely split KEL cable entry system, pre-terminated cables with diameters from 2 - 75 mm can be routed quickly and securely. It also provides great benefits whether you are retrofitting or maintaining your application.KEL-DPZThe icotek cable glands KVT and QVT utilize the same split design and are quickly assembled. These products perfectly provide cable management and routing solutions for prefabricated cables with e.g. D-Sub or PROFIBUS connectors.The compact cable entry plates KEL-DPU, KEL-DPZ and KEL-DP are ideal for routing standard cables without connectors from 1.5 to 22 mm in diameter with minimum space requirements. High certified sealing rates up to IP68 / NEMA 4x are achieved. Certificates can be provided upon request.For a secure and structured cable routing and strain relief of electrical lines icotek offers several strain relief plates for various mounting methods.Icotek also provides innovative solutions for EMC / EMI cable shielding applications. The icotek SKL shield clamps are made for reliable and effective grounding of high frequency interferences and allow safe operation of machinery and equipment.Besides the large range of innovative cable management products, high quality service is very important at icotek.
  • Cables

    Cables (194)

    Shop for cables and cable technology from Carlo Gavazzi and Leuze Electronic. Both Carlo Gavazzi and Leuze offer a variety of options for cable length and the number of wires within the cable.The CONB Series is Carlo Gavazzi's line of quick disconnect cables for all your sensors. These connection cables are available with 3, 4, or 5 wires and straight or angled plugs. Choose between lengths of 2, 5, or 10 meters, AC or DC, and M8 or M12 connectors. Options available for normal and robust environments.Leuze offers an extensive selection of accessories, including everything from the cables, to the plugs to the optional connection box.
  • Circuit Protection/Fuses

    Circuit Protection/Fuses (609)

    Shop for circuit protection devices by Tower, Lovato and Carlo Gavazzi. We carry Tower GFCIs, Lovato Electric circuit protectors, and Carlo Gavazzi supplementary circuit protectors.Ground fault circuit interupters allow for adding or replacing GFCI’s to existing cords and equipment.Lovato circuit protectors include fuse holders, fuses, mini circuit breakers, and switch disconnectors. Circuit protectors automatically prevents dangerous or excess amounts of temperature, excessive amounts of current or a short circuit in an electrical conductor.Carlo Gavazzi supplementary circuit protectors are intended for over current protection in applications where branch circuit protection is already provided or not required.
  • HMIs

    HMIs (10)

    Shop for the Weintek iE Series of full color HMI LCD displays. This series is easily installed in any industrial control environment due to it's ultra slim form factor. The dual ethernet ports offer set up for WAN/LAN or two different LAN/LAN network configurations. The MT8000iE series boasts not only fast booting speed and jpeg display speed, but improved communication between the HMI and PLC as well. The configuration software, EasyBuilder Pro, offers more than 250 drivers for your Weintek HMI to connect with various and numerous controllers.
  • Pneumatic Components

    Pneumatic Components (54315)

    Shop for pneumatic components from Airtac, Metal Work Pneumatic and Control Line. We carry many types of pneumatic actuators, including air cylinders - also known as air rams (standard, compact, round body), guided air cylindersrotary actuators, rodless cylinders, air/oil tandem cylinders, clamping cylinders, stopper cylinders, and air grippers.Complete your pneumatic system with air preparation products (including lubricators, filters, regulators and FRL units) and valves (solenoid, air pilot, fluid control and manual). We also offer pneumatic accessories such as tubing and fittings, as well as switches and sensors.Pneumatic components fall under the umbrella of fluid power systems. These pneumatic systems work by using pressurized air to activate cylinders, solenoid valves, and other machine components. Benefits of incorporating pneumatics into your machine build include reliability, safety, and easy integration.** When choosing thread type, please reference the following standards: NPT - American standard taper pipe threads for general use M - Metric screw threads M profile Rp or G (BSPP) - British standard pipe (parallel) threads PT - JIS/BSPT taper pipe threadsDownload the Thread Identification Guide
  • Pushbuttons and Selector Switches

    Pushbuttons and Selector Switches (880)

    Shop for Lovato Electric pushbuttons and selector switches at Trimantec. We carry mushroom pushbuttons, pilot lights, selector switches, control stations and more. Lovato Electric has been designing and manufacturing low voltage electrical devices for industrial applications for over 90 years.
  • Sensors and Switches

    Sensors and Switches (3293)

    Shop for sensors and switches by Carlo Gavazzi and Leuze.Carlo Gavazzi is a leader in high quality photoelectric sensors and proximity switches, including inductive sensors and capacitive sensors. Carlo Gavazzi sensors and switches are available in multiple housing diameters, a wide variety of sensing distances, and in multiple mounting configurations. We also carry accessories including cables and photoelectric amplifiers.Leuze offers you sensor solutions that detect an object opto-electronically, ultrasonically or inductively and output a robust switching signal. A variety of different operating principles and designs are available for all your needs. Choose from optical sensors, inductive switches, ultrasonic sensors, fiber optic sensors, forked sensors, light curtains, 3D sensors and special sensors.
  • Brands (70136)

  • Airtac 100M: Air Valve Manifold – 100M10F

    Airtac 100M: Air Valve Manifold – 100M10F


    Air Valve Manifold 100 series, 10 station, PT thread type, works with 4V and 4A valves

  • Airtac 100M: Air Valve Manifold – 100M10FG

    Airtac 100M: Air Valve Manifold – 100M10FG


    Air Valve Manifold 100 series, 10 station, G thread type, works with 4V and 4A valves

  • Airtac 100M: Air Valve Manifold – 100M10FT

    Airtac 100M: Air Valve Manifold – 100M10FT


    Air Valve Manifold 100 series, 10 station, NPT thread type, works with 4V and 4A valves

  • Airtac 100M: Air Valve Manifold – 100M11F

    Airtac 100M: Air Valve Manifold – 100M11F


    Air Valve Manifold 100 series, 11 station, PT thread type, works with 4V and 4A valves

  • Airtac 100M: Air Valve Manifold – 100M11FG

    Airtac 100M: Air Valve Manifold – 100M11FG


    Air Valve Manifold 100 series, 11 station, G thread type, works with 4V and 4A valves

  • Airtac 100M: Air Valve Manifold – 100M11FT

    Airtac 100M: Air Valve Manifold – 100M11FT


    Air Valve Manifold 100 series, 11 station, NPT thread type, works with 4V and 4A valves

  • Airtac 100M: Air Valve Manifold – 100M12F

    Airtac 100M: Air Valve Manifold – 100M12F


    Air Valve Manifold 100 series, 12 station, PT thread type, works with 4V and 4A valves

  • Airtac 100M: Air Valve Manifold – 100M12FG

    Airtac 100M: Air Valve Manifold – 100M12FG


    Air Valve Manifold 100 series, 12 station, G thread type, works with 4V and 4A valves

  • Airtac 100M: Air Valve Manifold – 100M12FT

    Airtac 100M: Air Valve Manifold – 100M12FT


    Air Valve Manifold 100 series, 12 station, NPT thread type, works with 4V and 4A valves

  • Airtac 100M: Air Valve Manifold – 100M13F 1

    Airtac 100M: Air Valve Manifold – 100M13F


    Air Valve Manifold 100 series, 13 station, PT thread type, works with 4V and 4A valves

  • Airtac 100M: Air Valve Manifold – 100M13FG 1

    Airtac 100M: Air Valve Manifold – 100M13FG


    Air Valve Manifold 100 series, 13 station, G thread type, works with 4V and 4A valves

  • Airtac 100M: Air Valve Manifold – 100M13FT 1

    Airtac 100M: Air Valve Manifold – 100M13FT


    Air Valve Manifold 100 series, 13 station, NPT thread type, works with 4V and 4A valves