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TriMan Price Comparisons: Leuze I/O Systems vs. Automation Direct

TriMan Price Comparisons Vol. 1

I/O systems, also referred to as fieldbus, are a necessary component for efficient and compact industrial equipment. They allow you to replace complex parallel wiring with a compact fieldbus system.

TriMan has taken it upon himself to find you better pricing without compromising quality. He urges you to take a second to compare our pricing with our competitor’s. Take for instance this I/O system from Automation Direct. TriMan found this 8 port I/O module with an M12 socket and LED features. It’s priced at $74 but TriMan knows you can do better than that!

Why pay more with Automation Direct for an I/O system?

At Trimantec you’ll find competitive pricing for the exact same I/O system. After some digging, TriMan found an 8 port Leuze I/O system with an M12 socket and LED features…priced at $69.

Not only does Leuze offer the I/O modules, they also provide you an extensive selection of accessories, including everything from the cables, to the plugs to the optional connection box. Their discrete I/O systems allow for voltage supply and signal collection with M8 and M12 ports. Shop for Leuze I/O systems right here in our web store.

Shop fair prices for Leuze I/O systems with Trimantec!

Nothing lights up TriMan more than getting the chance to help you find quality products at fair prices, like the Leuze I/O system. If you’re wondering how he’s so good at this, learn how he gained his three enhanced senses in his origin story.

Afterwards, browse through our selection of Leuze Electronic discrete I/O systems and save yourself valuable installation time and cost. Contact us directly for more information on shipping and availability. Stay tuned for TriMan Deals Vol. 2…



Leuze Electronic develops, produces, and sells sensors for industrial automation. They provide you with solutions that are both efficient and powerful. Shop for safety products by Leuze and start safeguarding your machines today.


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