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TriMan Price Comparisons: Digital Pressure Switches

TriMan Price Comparisons Vol. 2

Digital Pressure Switches: Airtac vs. Automation Direct


TriMan Price Comparisons Digital Pressure Switches


TriMan was making a nice, piping hot cup of coffee when he sensed something wasn’t right with a nearby machine. He followed the strange sound right to the source. Low and behold, it turned out to be a malfunctioning pneumatic digital pressure switch.

What does a pneumatic digital pressure switch do?

Digital pressure switches provide both digital outputs and analog pressure values with a multicolor display for local readouts.

Uses of pneumatic pressure switches include:

1. Switching a household well water pump automatically when water is drawn from the pressure tank.
2. Switching off an electrically driven gas compressor when a set pressure is achieved in the reservoir
3. Switching off a gas compressor, whenever there is no feed in the suction stage.
4. In-cell charge control in a battery
5. Switching on/off an alarm light in the cockpit of an aircraft if cabin pressure (based on altitude) is critically low.
6. Air filled hoses that activate switches when vehicles drive over them. Common for counting traffic and at gas stations.

Luckily for TriMan, he’s part of an organization that just so happens to sell digital pressure switches from Airtac. But TriMan didn’t want to limit his options, so he turned to the internet. After some searching he found a pressure switch with the exact specifications he needed on Automation Direct’s website. The ProSense QPS offers -14.5 to 145 psig range, PNP outputs, and a male NPT thread. It’s priced at $69.00.


Price Comparison Digital Pressure Switches Automation Direct


“That’s not too bad, but I have a feeling I can do better than that…” TriMan thought to himself.

He went to Trimantec’s website and typed in the search bar “digital pressure switch.” He scrolled until he found one with similar specs. He clicked on the Airtac DPS pressure switch which offers -14.5 to 145 psig range, PNP outputs, and a male NPT thread. The price? $59.95. TriMan took a double take. It was obvious that Airtac was the winner here.


Price Comparison Digital Pressure Switches - Airtac


Of course, TriMan’s mission didn’t stop there. He asked us to share his findings with you, just in case you’re also looking to buy or replace a pressure switch. He also suggests you download the Airtac DPS data sheet so you can view the full product specifications.

Nothing lights up TriMan more than getting the chance to help you find quality products at fair prices. If you’re wondering how he’s so good at this, learn how he gained his three enhanced senses in his origin story.

Afterwards, browse through our selection of Airtac DPS digital pressure switches. Contact us directly for more information on shipping and availability. Stay tuned for TriMan’s next Price Comparison…

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