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Trimantec is Now an Authorized FANUC Robot System Integrator

Winston-Salem, N.C., June 14, 2019—Trimantec is now a proud member of the FANUC America, Inc. network of Authorized System Integrators. Together, they will provide robotic automation solutions that create a positive return on investment through increased productivity with improved quality and throughput. This relationship between Trimantec and FANUC demonstrates the commitment both brands share in serving American manufacturers. Both Trimantec and FANUC trust and value the services and products provided by the other.

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Pneumatic Components: An Industrial Guide

Using pneumatic components within your machines and equipment is an easy way to keep maintenance costs low and keep your machines running longer.  Our guide to pneumatic components will help you understand the basics so you can quickly integrate them into your equipment. So, whether you’re looking to replace a faulty valve or design a […]


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TriMan Price Comparisons: Guided Pneumatic Cylinders

TriMan Price Comparisons Vol. 3 Guided Pneumatic Cylinders: Airtac vs. SMC   At Trimantec, we incorporate pneumatic guided cylinders into our machine builds that require stable movement of a load over a short distance. These types of air cylinders can be extended and retracted as needed. In addition, they provide stable, non-rotating, and high side load […]


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Electrical Enclosures Simplified | NEMA Ratings, Material, & Accessories

Let’s talk about boxes. But not just ordinary boxes. In this blog, we explore the many options available when shopping for electrical enclosures. These industrial boxes house sensitive electrical components. So, determining the correct level of protection is very important. We’ll cover the most popular NEMA ratings associated with enclosures, as well as materials and […]

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PLCs Explained: Programmable Logic Controller Basics

An introduction to PLCs PLCs are like the brains of industrial automation equipment. They control inputs and outputs behind the scenes making sure all is running as it should. PLC is short for programmable logic controller and it’s basically a computer designed to work in an industrial environment. It controls and monitors a number of […]


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TriMan Price Comparisons: Digital Pressure Switches

TriMan Price Comparisons Vol. 2 Digital Pressure Switches: Airtac vs. Automation Direct     TriMan was making a nice, piping hot cup of coffee when he sensed something wasn’t right with a nearby machine. He followed the strange sound right to the source. Low and behold, it turned out to be a malfunctioning pneumatic digital […]


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