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  • NEW PRODUCTS: AirTAC Linear Guide Systems

  • Check out our NEW Ebay Store!!

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Trimantec™ is a full-service electro-mechanical assembler and contract manufacturer of custom cable assemblies and custom wire harnesses. Our experienced team of technicians can manufacture quality wiring and electric cable assemblies of any size and configuration you may require. Our expertise ranges from module-based designs, to complete ready-to-ship, fully tested assemblies. We are adept at wire assemblies ranging from small gauge, tipped and tinned hook up wires; to complex test cables that contain miles of wire, multiple breakouts and specialty connectors. Our experience in working with these materials and components can save you time and allow you to focus on the more important aspects of your manufacturing process, making you more efficient.

Our technicians also have the experience and attention to detail necessary to supply you with all your custom cable and wiring harness needs. With state-of-the-art processing equipment and high-speed terminal crimping, we can supply your single units or large quantity orders. Our specialty is quick turnaround time. We will always assemble your cables to spec accurately and in a timely manner.

We can process and terminate many different types of wire and cable, as well as numerous types of custom cable assemblies:

  • Flat and round ribbon cable assemblies
  • Teflon jacketed wire
  • Multi-conductor cables
  • Discrete wire
  • Hybrid cables
  • Custom USB cables
  • RF cable assemblies
  • Coaxial cable assemblies
  • Push-pull cable assemblies
  • Medical cable assemblies
  • Molded cable assemblies
  • SMA cable assembly
  • Custom audio cables
  • Custom power cables
  • ATI cables

Our team has extensive experience in working with a broad range of custom connector types and manufacturers:

  • Molex
  • JST
  • Phoenix
  • Deutsch crimp
  • Micro-D
  • D-Subs
  • Mil-spec connectors
  • Metalized circular connectors
  • Heavy-duty Neptune style, solder cup connectors
  • Hirose
  • JAE
  • Lemo cable assembly
  • Arinc
  • DVI-D

Our production floor is equipped with high-quality automated wire processing equipment. For high-speed terminal crimping, Trimantec stocks various applicators for our AMP, Panduit and T & B presses.

This range of equipment gives us the ability to automatically crimp terminals ranging from Micro JST and Molex, up to heavy gauge battery terminals.

Your product will receive clear and crisp identification with our automated labeling system. Our customized labeling includes part numbers, images and bar coding for tracking purposes. Your labels will be accurately positioned and can be wrapped around either small gauge wires or larger diameter cable. In addition, our high performance, high-speed thermal transfer marking system allows us to custom print on continuous spools of a wide variety of tubing.

All our products are fully tested to your specifications before shipping. Your cable and wire assemblies are tested point-to-point where any shorts and opens are detected. They are also meter tested for continuity, resistance, voltage, diodes, and amperage. Quality control is a top priority in our electro-mechanical manufacturing division.

Send us an RFQ and let our experienced technicians handle all your cable and harness needs.