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  • NEW PRODUCTS: AirTAC Linear Guide Systems

  • Check out our NEW Ebay Store!!

  • Join our new Rewards program and earn store credit NOW!

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Do you need to protect your electrical assemblies from moisture, dust, and dirt? Maybe your PCB will be used underwater and you need it to function without shorting out. Low-pressure overmolding is a new service we provide that creates reliable protection for your cables and circuit boards.

Fragile solder joints on electronics are often damaged by the high temperatures used in high pressure over molding. However, this is not a concern with low-pressure overmolding. The materials used in this process (polyamide and polyolefin) have a much more reasonable melting point for use with delicate cables and circuit boards. Additionally, with cycle times of 20 – 45 seconds your overmolded parts will be completed in no time!

We can also supply or create a custom mold for you in our machine shop. If you already have a mold, give us a call and we’ll make sure it’s compatible with our equipment.

• Does not damage electronics
• Fast cycle times
• Creates environmentally safe product
• Able to do large production runs
• Zero waste

• Automotive Sensors
• Switches
• Engine Control Units
• Lighting Display Boards
• Micro-inverters
• Power Regulators
• Industrial Sensors
• Medical Sensors

To begin the process of overmolding, a custom mold needs to be created for the part in question. It’s very important that it fits the dimensions of the equipment used. The thermoplastic material, polyamide or polyolefin, is heated until liquid and then injected into the mold at very low pressure. The material immediately begins to cool as soon as it touches the cold mold-set and eventually the electronics. In just a few seconds the mold is filled, and the process is complete. Any excess material around the molded piece can also be reused. The end product is a fully functional, overmolded piece ready for installation.

The below circuit board was to be used in non-flush toilets and needed to be waterproof. We were able to over mold it, protect it from heat damage, and make it completely environmentally safe. The end result: a fully functional piece ready for installation.

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