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PPE - Personal Protective Equipment

Trimantec now manufacturers PPE to help support your safety efforts. Our ear savers (mask extenders) and acrylic sneeze guards are personal protective equipment designed to protect and keep your workers safe during COVID-19. If your work setting requires long periods of mask usage, ear savers are the most effective product available to ease pain and discomfort behind the ears. Acrylic sneeze guards are clear barriers that act as protective shields against airborne contaminants. Great for exchange related activities between your staff and customers.

The rise of coronavirus has led many small and large businesses to rethink cleaning and business practice procedures when interacting with clients. It is important to protect your workers and clients from contaminants  that can enter through your skin, mouth, nose and eyes. As of now, many PPE protocols have been taken into place to meet proper cleaning and safety standards. Our PPE collection is created to make your protective gear equipment safe and effective as we move forward.
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