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I/O Systems

I/O systems, or input/output systems, save you valuable installation time and cost. Replace complex parallel wiring with our selection of compact Fieldbus systems.

We offer a variety of solutions from Murrelektronik and Leuze Electronic.

Leuze offers service distributors for voltage supply and signal collection with M8 and M12 ports.

Murrelektronik provides various I/O systems, from practical distributor solutions up to high-performance Fieldbus systems.

I/O Fieldbus system advantages:

  • Measure and control all parts of your plant in a central location

  • Send all pertinent data to a single site

  • Operates with both digital and analog signals

  • Obtainable in blocks or modular systems

  • Decreases the number of cables required

  • Saves on installation time and costs

  • Replaces intricate parallel wiring

    These I/O systems may also be referred to as Fieldbus systems, discrete I/O, smart I/O, distributed I/O, block I/O or cube I/O.

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