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At Trimantec™, our in-house welding and fabrication services not only support our custom automation group but also support the needs of a wide range of industries we currently serve. Our qualified welders and fabricators have experience in working with various materials to create the products you require.

We can fabricate your designs from basic sketches or detailed computer-generated drawings. Our scope of services covers all types of weldments. From simplistic handrail and bracket assemblies to more complex custom machine frames and industrial weldments, our experienced welders can handle all your fabrication needs. We are also able to take our welding services to a higher level by building turnkey equipment for your applications. If you require design support for your project, our in-house engineers and computer-aided drafters can supply you with Solidworks models and detailed drawings for your project.

Our quality Hyd-Mech automated processing equipment allows our fabricators to make precise vertical and angular cuts in order to custom fit your frames and fixtures. One of our most versatile machines is the Millermatic 250 MIG Welder. Rated at 250 AMPS and 28 VDC, these reliable welders have the highest rated output of all welders in their class. Equipped with the Spoolmatic 30A attachment, we automatically feed steel, stainless steel, and aluminum material.

For thinner gauge materials, we rely on our Miller Syncrowave 210 Series AC/DC TIG and Stick welder. This welder is perfect for those tedious jobs where low power is needed in order not to blow through the metal. In addition, the advanced inverter technology allows for continuity throughout the welding process. A slower process than MIG, the TIG is a versatile machine that allows us to weld many different types of metals.

The finishing process in our welding shop is a high priority. Our fabricators pay close attention to detail and strive to ensure that your weldments are not only sound, and to acceptable standards and quality, but also maintain a high level of esthetics. We offer painting and powder coating services as well if this is a requirement for your build.

Metal fabrication is an art. At Trimantec™ we work hard to design and create products that are not only relevant and matched to your requirements, but visually pleasing as well.