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engineered solutions

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Our engineered solutions division at Trimantec™ specializes in creating innovative automation solutions that will increase your company’s overall productivity and profitability. Our staff of highly trained engineers will design your turnkey equipment and provide you with any drawings and documentation you require. Whether your business needs a brand-new OEM solution, or you are interested in supplementing your current operations with additional equipment, our engineers can help you meet your production objectives. We will also design the custom control systems and custom operator interfaces for your OEM equipment.

Our custom automation solutions always begin by establishing a personal relationship with the client. This allows us to ensure that we are engineering the best solution for your needs. From the beginning request for proposal to the installation and production testing of your new machine to ongoing maintenance and support, Trimantec will remain your partner for as long as you need us. Our desire to acquire and keep key certifications ensures we will be able to meet your needs into the future. We are currently ISO 9001:2015 QMS certified and are a FANUC Authorized System Integrator

To support our custom automation team, Trimantec is equipped with an on-site, full-service machine shop. Our machinists are experienced with conventional milling and turning equipment as well as CNC machines. We also provide production prototype and concept parts via additive manufacturing in the form of a 3D printer. This technology produces custom parts by accurately “printing” layer upon layer of plastic material until a 3D form is created. Additive manufacturing can quickly create tangible parts that allow you to touch, feel and assess your designs.

We can also supply fabricated sheet metal parts and custom welding. Our machine shop will meet all your custom parts needs.