• NEW PRODUCTS: AirTAC Linear Guide Systems

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  • NEW PRODUCTS: AirTAC Linear Guide Systems

  • Check out our NEW Ebay Store!!

  • Join our new Rewards program and earn store credit NOW!

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Trimantec™ offers printed circuit board (PCB) services through our electromechanical manufacturing group and PCB partners. Whether your project requires thru-hole or surface mount placement; multi-layer, rigid or flexible circuits; we will supply you with quality, made-to-order circuit boards. We will always manufacture to your specifications, including design, layout, and manual or automated placement.

For your prototype and small quantity runs, the quality inspection is performed visually, using magnified, optical instrumentation. Volume and large production runs are checked for quality using automated optical inspection (AOI). This inspection is performed either in-line or off-line, depending on the manufacturing process and the components to be placed. Depending on your application, boards can be 100% tested before leaving our facility, giving you confidence in the manufacturing process.

State-of-the-art pick and place equipment will place your components at speeds of up to 21,000 components per hour. At the same time, component centers are identified during transit from the feeders to the placement location at this speed. These systems are also equipped with flying vision camera systems for verification of components on the fly and can handle boards from .015” thick to 2.00” x 1.60”, and up to 18.10” x 15.75”. This highly efficient equipment allows us to offer you competitive pricing, optimizing your profit margins.

To enhance the process and capitalize on efficiency, automated solder paste, wave soldering, and conformal coating equipment give us the ability to precisely place material. This reduces waste and produces exceptional quality pieces.

Traceability of your materials is available upon request. Our procurement department and partners always perform their due diligence to prevent the purchase and/or use of counterfeit electronic parts in the manufacturing of your product.

We strive first and foremost for quality, backed by on-time deliveries, value, and responsiveness to your needs.

With our capabilities at Trimantec, we offer you complete turnkey printed circuit board assemblies for many industries including:

  • Medical
  • Military
  • Automotive
  • Industrial
  • HVAC
  • Consumer Electronics

If you have qualified bills of materials and Gerber files, contact us today with your RFQ.