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  • NEW PRODUCTS: AirTAC Linear Guide Systems

  • Check out our NEW Ebay Store!!

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It has been such a pleasure working with the three of you (and all those behind the scenes there) making things happen and getting answers. You all were truly the easiest to work with through all of the vendors I have worked with in my career of the purchasing world… 10+ years! Again, it really has been a pleasure, thank you all for fostering a great working relationship!

H.M. Medical Manufacturing

 Last night our baler, arguably the most critical machine in our plant, went down. Our night shift maintenance techs tried to repair but were unsuccessful and then our day shift techs worked on it to no avail. I called Ryan and requested Bryson’s urgent assistance. With Ryan’s blessing, Bryson was able to get here quickly and worked with our guys to determine and correct the issues which got the baler running again. It appears the PLC’s output module is flaking out so we have another PLC being overnighted for tomorrow, but the old one is running for now.

I just wanted to thank all of you at Trimantec for your continued support from every department and for always responding quickly when we call for assistance. 

A.O. Contract Packaging Industry

Hi Cheryl and Jon and Kevin,

I want to thank you very much for your quick attention to this problem we had, and for your expert assessment of the root cause. For your information, we have corresponded with our supplier of the crimper. Cheryl's theory stating that there might be something wrong with the manufacturer’s crimper, was exactly right. For the short-term, they are going to replace the cables, and that will be the easiest path since that doesn't change our documentation out on the floor. For future orders, we will look at changing to a single part number for a cable assembly that could be supplied by (Trimantec). I am very grateful for your help on this. I only wish I had asked for your assessment earlier! This kind of value-added customer support (especially since the parts were not yet made by Trimantec) will stick in our memory for a long time.

D.M. Contract Manufacturer / Assembly

My staff and I have worked with (Trimantec)’s senior executives and production management for more than ten years. All the individuals have been very effective at their tasks, clearly not operating in a "stove pipe" environment, and providing timely and accurate information to our personnel.   (Trimantec) represents the finest example of a U.S. horizontal contract manufacturing company.

S.L. Contractor / Manufacturer

(Trimantec) Team,

Many thanks for the multiple times that (Trimantec) has come to our rescue. Whether it is for prototype runs, simple machined part or complex assemblies, your company has made it much easier for us to meet our customers’ demands in a timely fashion. Each time we call to say we need something, we receive full attention until the issue has been satisfactorily been resolved. (Trimantec) has become an integral partner of ours and we will continue to lean on your expertise and support as we grow. Keep up the good work guys. You’ve earned a spot as one of our key, strategic vendors and we greatly appreciate all of the efforts you continue to show.

E.R. Manufacturer

Jon, Joe & Wayne,

I was wanting to let you know how much I appreciate the service.  It is comforting to know that all I have to do is call, and without hesitation (Trimantec) is there, willing to go above and beyond to help. For example, the trouble we were having on one of our automated lines was a safety gate fault. To make sure we ordered the correct safety relay, Joe came out and actually helped troubleshoot the problem. It means a lot to know that when I need anything, you are just a phone call away.

G.D. Contract Packaging Industry


No problem on the recent orders. Thanks for the hard work and meeting our required dates. I actually have had multiple wiring companies ask for some business, but I told them I was currently happy with my current vendor (Trimantec), so I had no desire to switch.

Thanks Again,

I.R. Purchasing Agent Medical Laboratory Manufacturer

Our relationship with (Trimantec) has grown over the past 5 years with various projects. Their group is always easy to communicate with and they are willing to assist us with a variety of requests, ranging from ordering a small part to developing a complex customized system. (Trimantec) has engineered several systems which have dramatically improved our quality systems through automation.  (Trimantec) listens to our problem or idea, does the research and then offers us a cost effective plan. They make my job easier knowing I am dealing with a reliable vendor that will go out of their way to deliver on their commitment. Because of their commitment, we are able to offer our customer a superior quality product.

P.C Contract Packaging Industry

I’ve been busy but wanted to say thanks for the support with Kipp last Saturday. Kipp was cheerful, patient and helpful through our troubles (which were not Trimantec related) and helped train the operator on the machine. As a result we made our shipment to the customer on time! I’ll be keeping Trimantec foremost in mind when considering new machinery!

D.S. Automotive Industry/Manufacturer

Hey Jon and Team,

The cooling plates turned out great!  Everything fit well and the dies mounted just fine.  The chilled water seems to be flowing fine through them as well.  I appreciate the quality job you guys did especially with a rushed time frame.  Let me look at my upcoming project plans and see what I’ve got the rest of the year.  I know I will be requiring Trimantec’s services at some point, I just need to see when I’ve got those items scheduled for.

S.L. Medical Industry

Good morning, I received the two air cylinders and (10) repair kits yesterday, and wanted to thank you for the great service. They arrived within three weeks of the order date, which is great since it could have been four weeks. Also, thanks for the can coozie and yummy hard candy. I expect to be getting more orders soon for these AirTac items and will get back with you then.

G.M. Purchasing

Great Company…Trimantec. I worked with Ann. She was very helpful, knowledgeable and patient with me and my ordering. Appreciate working with her.

M.W. Procurement

I just want to say how impressed I was about how well the new bagger machine worked over in The Netherlands. I have never seen a new machine or even a new add on assembly on an existing machine work as smooth as the bagger ran there. You guys did a great job!! And in my eyes accomplished a very difficult task.

Thanks again,

T.S. Engineering 

Trimantec has been a very consistent and reliable manufacturer of our custom cables for over ten years, and their attention to detail is superb. They are always able to go above and beyond to help us out. We truly appreciate the effort put forth on their part to keep our orders flowing smoothly.

J.D. Manufacturer of LCD Rugged Displays