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TecTalk - A Manufacturing Blog — TriMan Price Comparisons

TriMan Price Comparisons: Guided Pneumatic Cylinders

TriMan Price Comparisons Vol. 3 Guided Pneumatic Cylinders: Airtac vs. SMC   At Trimantec, we incorporate pneumatic guided cylinders into our machine builds that require stable movement of a load over a short distance. These types of air cylinders can be extended and retracted as needed. In addition, they provide stable, non-rotating, and high side load […]


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TriMan Price Comparisons: Digital Pressure Switches

TriMan Price Comparisons Vol. 2 Digital Pressure Switches: Airtac vs. Automation Direct     TriMan was making a nice, piping hot cup of coffee when he sensed something wasn’t right with a nearby machine. He followed the strange sound right to the source. Low and behold, it turned out to be a malfunctioning pneumatic digital […]


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