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Trimantec, an electromechanical manufacturer, has achieved J-STD-001 and WHMA-A-620 recertification from Circuit Technology’s training center.   


What is IPC J-STD-001 Certification?  

IPC J-STD-001, Requirements for Soldered Electrical and Electronic Assemblies, is the preeminent authority for electronic assembly manufacturing worldwide. In order to learn more about providing you the best high-quality soldered interconnections, J-STD-001 certification provides us with the training and information to adopt standard for materials, methods and verification criteria. In addition, it sets industry requirements for a range of electronics and guides the process control. Throughout this process our certified IPC specialist learns the standard criteria through module completions, projects and final examination to provide valuable and recognizable soldering skills and enhance performance.    


What is IPC WHMA-A-620? 

IPC WHMA-A-620, Requirements and Acceptance for Cable and Harness Assemblies, provides standards and practices for electronic industries to manufacture and install cable, wire, and harness. We will make certain you receive mechanically secure components by ensuring standards for materials, methods, tests and following criteria for producing crimped and soldered interconnections related to cable and harness assemblies. Our specialist followed two tiers of instructions along with learning modules to complete their final examination.  With our IPC WHMA-A-620 certification we receive recognition and value as an electronics industry from you, our customers, by continuing to follow acceptable quality workmanship for cable and harness assemblies.   


How does IPC J-STD Certification and WHMA-A-620 work at Trimantec? 

Trimantec has been IPC certified and continues to recertify and update these practices to meet industry consensus standards. This recertification allows us to continue producing and distributing the highest standard of quality for electronic components as a certified manufacturer.  These certifications should give you peace of mind in knowing that we are providing lasting quality assembled products. Although we have been working to these standards and criteria, we are proud to now offer IPC standards through an Internal IPC certified specialist.


Meet our certified IPC specialist (CIS): 

IPC specialist

Mariah Graves, quality control custom cables & harnesses