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Power Components

Shop our extensive selection of power components for all your industrial power needs. We offer control cabinet power outlets, power conditioning components, power generation components, and power monitoring components.

Browse various power components from brands such as Murrelektronik, Finder, and Lovato Electric.  

Control cabinet power outlets from Murrelectronik are safe, easy to install and meet international standards. Using components temporarily in the control cabinet require the right power outlets. Murrelektronik offers a wide range of power outlets for different countries.

Power conditioning components help improve the quality of the power delivered to electrical load equipment. Power conditioners protect your equipment against common electrical problems such as surges, spikes, lightning, and high voltage.

Power generation components include electrical transformers and three-phase switching power supplies. Power generators help control or convert voltage as necessary.

Power monitoring components help increase your machine uptime while also monitoring how much energy your equipment uses. Power monitors give you valuable information that can help you determine where you can save energy.

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