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Our machining and fabrication group at Trimantec™ offers a wide variety of services. We are equipped with an on-site, full-service machine shop where our machinists have the experience needed to manufacture your machined parts to the tolerances you require, in a timely manner. We can work from CAD drawings, sketches or samples. Our order points range from prototypes to small runs, to larger volume orders. Conventional milling and turning equipment, CNC equipment, and 3D printers are all utilized to manufacture your parts.

We can also supply your fabricated sheet metal parts from simple brackets and punched plates, to formed chassis and weldments. These sheet metal parts can be manufactured by our own in-house fabrication capabilities or via strategic partnerships with larger fabricators, depending on size and gauge of materials.

From simplistic handrail and bracket assemblies to more complex custom machine frames and industrial weldments, our experienced welders can handle all your fabrication needs. The finishing process in our welding shop is a high priority. Our fabricators pay close attention to detail and strive to ensure that your weldments are not only sound, and to acceptable standards and quality, but also maintain a high level of aesthetics.